Building a utility management system for Energy Partners

Energy Partners has as its objective the creation of better energy solutions that fuel Africa’s growth through a results-driven, cost efficient and sustainable approach. The company provides world-class utilities throughout Africa, including solar power, steam, refrigeration and end-to-end water treatment solutions. Polymorph joins forces with Energy Partners, leading energy utility provider in South Africa and […]

How STBB modernised their workflows to increase brand loyalty

STBB, in step with their commitment to client service, envisioned a shift to a more streamlined online approach to the sale and purchase of a property. Consequently, Polymorph and STBB partnered to develop a legal-specific solution that integrates with other programmes, particularly LegalSuite, a well-known conveyancing software package. Prior to launch, Polymorph conducted thorough market […]

Continuous product development for Absa bank

We have been involved in developing a number of products with Absa, in collaboration with other third parties like Fjord and Deloitte Digital. We focus on offering the best security for Absa clients who use the products we developed.

Bloodhound gets 2 mobile apps in the market after partnering with Polymorph

While exploring new hardware solutions that would utilise Android hardware and low energy Bluetooth beacons along with GPS, Bloodhound engaged Polymorph to design and develop software solutions for use on these new devices. This gave us the opportunity to research how users actually interact with these products. We worked toward finding solutions that could improve […]

Taking advantage of IoT to create peace of mind for parents

The Snuza ecosystem was designed around parents needing to sign up through a web portal to get access to fine-grained data from a device, called the Pico, worn by their child. Snuza wanted a reliable mobile app to provide parents with relevant data fed from the wearable device. The solution needed to scale well for […]

Enabling Algotec to increase market share for their smart medical device

Algotec needed a user-friendly interface that provided real time feedback for their Algostim device.   The solution We built the software control system and interface of the smart device, allowing full control and real time feedback of the treatment sessions.   The results The solution we helped develop expanded the product offering our client had […]