Reduce operational downtime risk for solar provider with Predictive Maintenance

For companies where cost of critical machine failure and operational downtime is a big risk, countermeasures to avoid downtime is crucial. In this regard, one of the best countermeasures to avoid costly downtime is predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance offers a proactive approach to solving unplanned interruptions due to equipment or machine failure that can lead […]

How STBB modernised their workflows to increase brand loyalty

STBB, in step with their commitment to client service, envisioned a shift to a more streamlined online approach to the sale and purchase of a property. Consequently, Polymorph and STBB partnered to develop a legal-specific solution that integrates with other programmes, particularly LegalSuite, a well-known conveyancing software package. Prior to launch, Polymorph conducted thorough market […]

Connecting a stethoscope to a mobile app for Cardiosleeve

Our client wanted a smartphone app component to complete their planned product offering.   The solution We connected the stethoscope to a mobile app that records and displays the data. It stores the data for later retrieval and playback in a HIPAA compliant cloud database. The data is fed to an AI algorithm that helps […]