Reduce operational downtime risk for solar provider with Predictive Maintenance

For companies where cost of critical machine failure and operational downtime is a big risk, countermeasures to avoid downtime is crucial. In this regard, one of the best countermeasures to avoid costly downtime is predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance offers a proactive approach to solving unplanned interruptions due to equipment or machine failure that can lead […]

Building a utility management system for Energy Partners

Energy Partners has as its objective the creation of better energy solutions that fuel Africa’s growth through a results-driven, cost efficient and sustainable approach. The company provides world-class utilities throughout Africa, including solar power, steam, refrigeration and end-to-end water treatment solutions. Polymorph joins forces with Energy Partners, leading energy utility provider in South Africa and […]

Taking advantage of IoT to create peace of mind for parents

The Snuza ecosystem was designed around parents needing to sign up through a web portal to get access to fine-grained data from a device, called the Pico, worn by their child. Snuza wanted a reliable mobile app to provide parents with relevant data fed from the wearable device. The solution needed to scale well for […]