Polymorph Family Day 2015

By Dané Swart & Madi Duvenhage

What has three legs, a thick skin and the ability to feed the hungriest of Polymorphers? The answer is a Potjie. Six of them, in fact.

On Saturday 28 November we had our annual family day, and this year we decided to make it a bit of a competition. We set out to find the one person in Polymorph who could make the most delicious, proudly South African potjie.

We had a total of four volunteers declaring unparalleled skills at outdoor cooking. It was decided to put these wild claims to the test with a competition to determine which one of these volunteers were not only able to make irresistible apps – but could also make a potjie that’s impossible to resist.
We set off to Helderberg Farm near Stellenbosch, and the setting was the ideal backdrop for the competition. Kids and adults alike played as the competitors cooked up a storm, tempting our hungry stomachs with delectable aromas from six different potjies: Chicken, oxtail, curry, Banting and even a Chermoula pot! (A traditional chicken potjie made in Northern Africa.)

We couldn’t wait to taste what smelled so divine. When the cooks indicated that their potjies were ready to be tasted, we didn’t hesitate to dive right in. In a matter of minutes everybody was eating and showering the contestants with compliments.

After lunch we had to vote for our favourite – it was easier said than done.

We tallied the votes, and Wim announced the winning potjie: Duke’s lamb knuckle banting potjie triumphed!
He graciously accepted his prize with promises of sharing his recipe.

The Coulbanis family not only won the day with their cooking, we also got delicious chocolate cupcakes for desert, baked by Duke’s wife. This definitely ensured that we ended the day on a high note.

Thanks to everyone who joined us and every contestant for the delicious lunch. This day just proved that our team members are creative, innovative and always ready to have fun.

Most  importantly, we could not have done it without our families.

Richard Barry
Richard Barry
Chief Innovation Officer at Polymorph

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