Polymorph team day [Nov 2014] – Apps and Booty.

FullSizeRenderExcitement filled the air, along with the smell of good ol’ coffee and a vast quantity of muffins. Indeed, it was another legendary Polymorph team day. As always, the office was filled with familiar faces and voices. Team day is always a good day to catch up with the people you know, and get to know the ones you don’t.


This however was no ordinary team day. With the holidays approaching, this would be the last team day of 2014, and I would see many of the people again only in the new year. Apart from being the last team day, there was also another surprise waiting for us.


After a customary company stand-up, sharing what we were working on, and seeing amazing examples of the work done, we were promised great treasure if we could solve the devious clues given to us, by none other than the evil Mr. Morris. Like a bunch of bloodthirsty pirates, we gathered around in search of booty. After forming the best team in the history Polymorph (although they were a bit ADHD if you ask me), we were handed clues and we sprang into action!


Speeding down the R44 at a massive 60km/h we set off in search of treasure. We had various tasks that needed to be completed before we were given the coordinates of the elusive flag. Our first stop was at a local store, snapping and scanning our way through it. Off we went again, in search of gate, finding a child to share an app with, and visiting a place where dreams are created, this of course being a brewery. All this had to be proven of course, as we were tracked and took various photo’s as we sailed along. At the end, after racing to the flag, we got there, and it was gone! It has been claimed by another team that, according to them, also kept to the speed limit, and was even passed by n tractor, although none of this has ever been proven.


All and all this has truly been a fun day filled with treasure and excitement, and I am sad to see the last team day of 2014 go. However I wait in anticipation to see what 2015 holds for me and  Polymorph.



Richard Barry
Richard Barry
Chief Innovation Officer at Polymorph

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