Polymorph Toeps Troepe: Challenging their fears

Hendri de Wet

The picturesque Lievland Wine Estate (Stellenbosch) was a hub of excitement on Sunday, 19 October 2014 when eager sports enthusiasts, lovers of the outdoors and the Polymorph Toeps Troepe toed the line to partake in the action of the much anticipated IMPI Challenge.

A challenge that combines a 13.5km trail run with an adventure style obstacle course that consists of no less that 18 adrenaline pumping obstacles.

Obstacles include the famous:

Spur Leap of Faith:
jump off 12m high scaffolding into the dam and swim to the side
Rawson wall: 2m high; get over however you can (A hint: Do it with help)


Vit-T-Go Tank: climb up the spaced horizontal beams up 14m, over the platform, down the ropes to the bottom.

idajieggMud pits: swim, splash, wade just get through the muddy madness.


It’s a colourful event, inclusive of all shapes and sizes, yet gruelling enough to the keep the blood pumping and is the biggest social, fun but challenging event on the calendar.

Polymorph sponsored the Polymorph Toeps Troepe which consisted of employees, friends and partners.




The Toeps Troepe was a great team which assisted each other all the way, even waiting for the De Wet Troepe (who was actually only giving the rest of the team time to rest.)

“IMPI ignites your fighting spirit and playfulness and brings friends together through a shared challenge. Impi’s challenge their world and conquer it!”

Richard Barry
Richard Barry
Chief Innovation Officer at Polymorph

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