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Why developers love working at Polymorph

We value our people. Everyone is on a career path and we make sure they get to where they want to be with the necessary training, coaching and mentoring. This is easily achieved by the variety of projects, technologies and other shiny new things our teams are exposed to.

Creative, happy people.

Happy people are more creative and creative people develop awesome software.

Creating value through lean principles.

Who likes slogging away at something endlessly? Especially when there's a better way: only doing that which we all know has value and not wasting time on the rest.

Collaborative excellence and innovation.

You don’t have to do everything alone. Your team has your back so you can put your back into doing what you love the most.

Adaptive but not reactive.

Nobody likes the stress of software issues and reacting after the 🤬 hit the fan. We prefer to adapt what we do and how we do it to prevent this stress for our people.

This is us...

Remote working is deeply ingrained in our culture.

Direct collaboration across Engineering, User Experience and Product disciplines are encouraged and reinforced by team days ranging from cook-offs, board games, show-and-tells, lunchroom interviews and more.

After a recent Gallup survey measuring employee engagement, we were told that our results are through the roof! This shows that the years of building a strong, healthy working culture are undoubtedly paying off.

This is you...

As a developer, you can use the standard tools and techniques to create software.

As a good developer, you have experience with some or most of the tools and techniques we normally use.

As an excellent developer, you are able to create solutions to real world problems with these tools and techniques.

As a Polymorph developer, you have a deeper understanding of these tools and techniques and how to use them to best effect.

You love entering a state of flow while programming, and seeing the elegance that you created as a result.

Some of the projects we take pride in

Aerospace & Aviation
Automotive & Transportation
Banking & Financial Services
Construction & Real Estate
Consumer Goods
Education & Training
Energy & Utilities
Entertainment & Leisure
Government & NGO
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
HR, Recruitment & Labour
Machinery & Equipment
Marketing, Advertising, Media & Publishing
Oil, Gas & Mining
Security & Defence
Sport & Fitness
Supply Chain & Logistics
Telecoms & ICT
Travel & Tourism
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Feels like we can be great together, doesn’t it?

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