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Some of the tech we love to use

As software engineers, we have to work together and need to use a tech stack that meets the criteria of a professional software engineering team. Ultimately we need to be able to deliver great products that are built on a solid scalable foundation. That said, we don’t limit ourselves to using only a specific technology but frequently explore new technologies and adopt them as part of our technology stack, should it make sense to do so. 

Ultimately, Concept Design is a viable solution to get the right custom software in front of your users in a cost-effective manner.

AWS is our preferred backend tech stack. It provides serverless infrastructure which can scale and it takes care of networking and routing which frees our developers’ time to focus on coding and solving developer problems.

Why AWS?

Polymorph frequently works on products that require cloud infrastructure.  AWS is one of the better cloud providers. AWS services also integrate very well with each other.


From value proposition to solution - test a prototype with your target users before overspending on the wrong custom software.

Why Polymorph developers enjoy working with AWS

Concept Design inside your project scope

Concept Design

4 – 6 weeks

Custom software development

4 – 6 months

Technical support & maintenance


Custom software development


Flutter is our preferred open-source framework for building mobile-focussed front ends and native applications. Although there is some debate about native versus hybrid apps, we have decided to go native. This focus allows us to get the most out of currently chosen technology: Flutter.

Why Flutter?

We chose Flutter because it gives us the most focussed and sensible solution to build solid, stable mobile applications.

Flutter is a cross-platform technology that allows the same knowledge to be applied to multiple targets. Developing native applications without Flutter requires a separate set of developer skills for each target, which becomes impractical quickly.

Why Polymorph developers enjoy working with Flutter

Angular at Polymorph fulfils the exact opposite function compared with Flutter. It is used to create web applications, (web management interfaces in the backend). Angular is great for building web apps and can be used to create progressive web apps for mobile if needed. Angular also has great support for integration with various backend technologies. Angular has advantages over some of the other frameworks.

Why Angular (and not React)?

Why Polymorph developers prefer Angular?

While it is possible to build funky constructs with other frameworks, building something solid is more valuable. A leaning cabin is much harder to maintain or extend than a well built house. We like building awesome things that will remain so in the future. Angular helps us do exactly that.

We use GraphQL to link backend databases and frontends together. It acts like the bus between the data and the application in a flexible way. Using GraphQL unlocks unique ways to think about your entire application, its data and how it flows and changes. GraphQL allows a much more agile approach to data design for the frontend.

Why Polymorph developmers use Graph QL?

Why Polymorph developers use Graph QL?

Concept Design services

Validated solution strategy

UX and UI design

Design prints

Software architecture design

Service Design

Codebase evaluation


No code

Project plan
with budget

Graph (Graph QL) Query Language

We use Graph QL to link backend databases and front ends together. This is basically the pipe between the data and application. It actually makes you think different about your entire application – an agile way to do application design.

Why Polymorph developers use Graph QL?

Data isn’t only one thing. It is a bunch of things.

It allows more than one way to use, convert and manipulate the data.

Where everyone is familiar with using SQL, that is one way of accessing the data, Graph QL is what we prefer to use (depending on the project of course.)

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