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Predictable Sale Pipeline, Sales Development, SDR Training
Alphawave, a tech investment group, wanted to help the founders of its companies to focus on closing sales, instead of leading outbound sales. They decided to create a team to find good sales opportunities. We collaborated with Alphawave and Delta-v to develop a sales playbook and set up a team of Sales development representatives (SDR)s. This helped to create a predictable sales pipeline for Predictive Insights, an AI-powered demand forecasting company.

The Situation

The Alphawave Group specialises in technology and innovation and has 17 tech businesses in its portfolio. Alphawave partnered with Polymorph to help businesses in the group generate new sales opportunities. These businesses rely on founder-led sales and struggle to maintain a consistent flow of customers. The goal was to create a stable and reliable pipeline for them.

Polymorph worked with Alphawave and Delta-v to expand the group’s sales development capability and capacity. They did this by recruiting new high-potential SDRs, creating a custom sales playbook, and training the team to start delivering immediate results.

The Objectives

Alphawave identified multiple companies in the group that could benefit most from an outbound sales engine. The first was Predictive Insights, a company that uses AI and behavioral science to make sales forecasts more accurate. They also help with demand planning and reducing waste in restaurants and quick service stores. For Predictive Insights, the campaign objectives included:
Creating an outbound sales playbook tailored for Predictive Insights.
Recruiting and training a team of two SDRs for Predictive Insights.
Ramping up to and generating a pipeline of 16 qualified meetings per month.
Paid trial agreements for 2-3 new customers and securing 2-3 new subscription customers by the end of 2023.

The Challenges

Predictive Insights faced several challenges before the implementation of the sales machine:

  • Getting the Message Out to the World: Without a structured outbound sales approach, Predictive Insights struggled to reach new markets and customers. They also couldn’t convert those they did reach into clients.

  • Founder-Dependent Sales: Depending solely on founders for sales limited the scalability and consistency of their sales operations.

  • Uncertain Sales Pipeline: Finally, the absence of a predictable sales pipeline made it difficult for Predictive Insights to plan for future growth and expansion.

The Solution

A comprehensive solution to address the challenges:

  • Custom Outbound Sales Playbook: We created a tailored sales playbook for Predictive Insights. It outlines strategies, messaging, and tactics to engage prospects in different markets like South Africa, the Middle East, the UK, and the US.

  • SDR Training and Onboarding: We recruited and trained a dedicated team of SDRs with expertise in Predictive Insights’ offerings. They were equipped with the skills and knowledge required to engage potential customers successfully.

  • Strategic Prospecting: The SDR team targeted outbound sales and reached out to potential leads using various methods such as calls, emails, and social media.

  • Measurable Metrics: We set up key performance indicators to track progress, such as the number of meetings, trial agreements, and new customers.

The Results

The implementation of the sales machine for Predictive Insights yielded remarkable results:

  • Sales Playbook Success: The customised sales playbook worked well. It gave the SDR team a clear roadmap to engage prospects and explain the value of Predictive Insights’ services.

  • SDR Team Performance: The SDR team surpassed expectations by scheduling 30 successful meetings in just three months.

  • From the 30+ qualified meetings with some of the biggest restaurant and fast food chains in South Africa and the Middle East, more than 20 were high-quality opportunities or sales accepted leads.

  • At the time of writing, 8 trials for Predictive Insights’ Restaurant Intelligence System have been agreed upon.

In just 6 months, Polymorph and Alphawave achieved much. They created a custom sales playbook, hired and trained a team of SDRs, and started sales campaigns in multiple markets. This all resulted in a successful sales machine for Predictive Insights.. The sales development team plans to convert more opportunities into deals for Predictive Insights. They already have 8 trials for the Restaurant Intelligence System, and more opportunities are coming.

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