Concept Design

Turning solid ideas into valuable software

When it comes to creating software, there are always risks involved. Our flagship Concept Design service has been designed to decrease the risks inherent with software development, while at the same time ensuring you get the maximum ROI.


What will I get at the end of the Concept Design phase?

Besides aligning business objectives, user needs and your vision for your software, the main deliverable of concept design is a no-code clickable prototype.

At the end of the concept design process, you’ll also have: A validated strategy, software architecture and a development plan.

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Software and app
development that helps
your business innovate

What is software isn’t the answer?

Before we write a single line of code, we embark on a strategic discovery & design phase with you to ensure that your objectives, and user needs, can actually be solved with software.

Build for worth rather
than budget

What does good software cost? 
What is your software worth to your business?

We get software into people’s hands rapidly, in order to test and learn in real life. Don’t waste time building the wrong software. Learn what the right software looks like with the minimum amount of investment.

Build for ROI not for

What features should your software have? 
What features will deliver a real return on investment?

The best features are ones that your users need – and use. They deliver a return on investment. And they’re technically appropriate for your context. It’s hard to know what that is, but that’s what we’re here for and why we build the way we do.

What are the risks of building software without concept design?

Your biggest risk? Software that turns out not to be the software your business needed after all – or, it only delivers a fraction of the value you anticipated. If you don’t do concept design risk building the wrong software.

Don’t be left in the dark. Understand these risks to build better software.

What if we build great software but nobody uses it?

Our exceptional UX team goes through an intensive user research process that validates their insights using our clickable prototype.  By the time we develop your software, you can feel secure in the knowledge that your software will be used for its intended purpose.

Make sure your software gets used by making it easy to use.

What if I’m wrong about what I think we need?

If your assumptions are wrong, we’ll help you figure that out early, while there’s still budget and time to adapt the plan. Concept design helps validate your biggest assumptions before you spend money on software development.

Before you start building your app, ask yourself these questions.

How do I know that I’m not overpaying for software?

One of the biggest risks during the software development process is financial: the cost of building the wrong software is immense. Concept design quantifies the value that your custom software can bring to your business – and what you should invest.

Custom software is a major investment. Here’s to make sure your business case is viable.

The best businesses grow because of the right software. Talk to us to see how we can help you do that.

Not quite ready yet? Try our planner to see how ready you are to develop great software. 

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