Bloodhound gets 2 mobile apps in the market after partnering with Polymorph

Bloodhound is an expert provider of real-time personnel and productivity management technology. Their products utilise a variety of IoT hardware to provide live tracking of personnel while simultaneously providing information and tools to staff.






HR, Recruitment & Labour

The situation

While exploring new hardware solutions that would utilise Android hardware and low energy Bluetooth beacons along with GPS, Bloodhound engaged Polymorph to design and develop software solutions for use on these new devices. This gave us the opportunity to research how users actually interact with these products. We worked toward finding solutions that could improve the experience of using the platform and alleviate pain points that users could experience in their daily work, thereby improving workflow and productivity.


The solution

To get started with developing a solution we spoke to a small cross section of experts and users to gather information and test assumptions. The foundation of the platform we needed to develop was already established: at a minimum the new devices had to provide the same features, but better and with a myriad of possible additional functionality. Because of the established platform we were able to get useful user feedback very quickly. We developed several prototypes, tested them, and iterated on the solution.

We developed two solutions: 

  1. Patrol is software for individuals on teams, initially planned for security staff, but subsequently implemented to be usable for other teams. It offers the team members proof of presence and delivers them location based instructions on where they need to go.
  2. AndRover is a product designed for team managers, offering various location based scheduling and reporting tools in addition to proof of presence functionality.

“Knowing we have Polymorph involved when we take on a new mobile project means we can step into the undertaking with confidence that we have the experts on board.”

Simon Armstrong, Chief Technology Officer, Bloodhound

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