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Bloodhound is an expert provider of real-time personnel and productivity management technology. Their products utilise a variety of IoT hardware to provide live tracking of personnel while simultaneously providing information and tools to staff.

The Situation

Bloodhound Technologies has since its infancy been focussed on innovation and breaking new ground in the communications and technology sector. In 2005 before the smartphone era, they developed and manufactured a custom made ruggedised feature phone targeting the security industry.

These devices made use of RF-id readers and tags to manage and monitor the location of security guards while on duty. A central management system was developed to distribute certain tasks to each security guard.

After a few years of successfully growing the business, smartphones were introduced and the directors saw a great opportunity to utilise and introduce new product features by replacing the custom designed rubberised phones with smartphones. This would enrich the product giving customers a better experience with more functionality and would reduce manufacturing costs.

The Solution

In 2014 Polymorph came onboard as the preferred software development partner who were tasked to develop Bloodhound’s first smartphone mobile application which would replace the existing custom phone and software. This was the start of a long term friendship and partnership between these two companies. The new smartphone still had to interface with the existing Internet of Things (IoT) platform while introducing a significant upgrade in accurate indoor tracking utilising BTLE technology.

“We are very pleased with our decision to partner with Polymorph. With their help we could upgrade our product offering to use smartphone technology. One of the reasons why we chose Polymorph as our development partner was their knowledge and significant experience in indoor tracking using BTLE Bluetooth beacons. This has become one of our key differentiators as most of our competitors still only use standard GPS technology which can only be used for outdoor tracking. Being able to accurately track the position of products indoors has opened up numerous possibilities for us in new markets,” states Bernard Slabbert, CEO at Bloodhound.

After seeing how well the security market adapted to the use of the smartphone application for indoor and outdoor location tracking and humanising staff management the next opportunity that Bloodhound explored was in the cleaning sector.

Based on the same technology as the security guard app, Polymorph developed a tool which would revolutionise the way cleaning teams operated. It replaced clip boards and paper trails with a digitised platform which could track in real time staff’s whereabouts and provided functionality to monitor where and when cleaning products needed replacement.

The new BTLE indoor tracking system replaced the old system which still relied on RFID tags. This had the advantage of providing Proof of Presence and Proof of Service which was a major advantage when signing service level agreements (SLAs). It cancelled out disputes between client and service provider. Polymorph also developed a reporting system which could be managed from a central dashboard to notify key persons and management of their staffs’ performance.

The Results

Since introducing the new cleaning management system in South Africa, Bloodhound has signed contracts with prominent cleaning service delivery companies and have significantly grown their revenue within 12 months after releasing the new product to market.


“The excellent product development done in collaboration with Polymorph has opened new doors for us as a company. The new product called File13 is seeing a rapid growth in sales in the security sector as well as new opportunities in other industries such as construction, occupational health and safety and food and hygiene.”
Bernard Slabbert
CEO, Bloodhound

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