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UX design, Front end, Backend, Integration
Partnership Acceptances collaborated with us to develop a cutting-edge bridging finance and banking administration app. We compiled a comprehensive concept design report that included a complete product charter, roadmap, budget estimate, and timelines. Development began in January 2022, and the final product was delivered four and a half months later.

The Situation

As a leading South African financial services company, Partnership Acceptances helps individuals and businesses succeed in obtaining bridging finance and assists them with banking administration. When Partnership Acceptances had an innovative bridging finance idea to take their business forward and give them a competitive edge, STBB immediately referred them to us, knowing that we are the experts to help them transform their idea into an actionable mobile and desktop app. STBB – also one of our satisfied clients – works closely with Partnership Acceptances in the property industry and facilitated the introduction.

After the initial introduction, we met with Sybrand van der Spuy, managing director of Partnership Acceptances, to discuss the viability of their app idea, how to realise this idea, the budget, and the key outcomes that they envisage. Since this was Partnership Acceptances’ first app, STBB was ideally placed to provide input into their app development idea since Polymorph successfully developed STBB’s conveyancing app.

The Objectives

Polymorph was onboarded to compile a concept design that included:

  • A roadmap

  • The different phases with the cost of each phase

  • The software architecture and how it is built

  • Budget estimate and timelines

The Solution

The concept design report included a complete product charter laying out Partnership Acceptances’ vision to create a meaningful product that can genuinely help its users. It also included the product strategy that aligned with their business and marketing strategies, as well as the objectives and key results (OKRs) and a roadmap for each phase of the project. The roadmap included the costs, budget, software architecture, and expected timelines.

From experience, we knew it was essential to build a competitive product that satisfied user needs. For this reason, focus groups were used to ensure that the three major user groups were integrated into the end product. These user groups comprised:
  • purchasers and sellers of property

  • mortgagors and estate agents

  • paralegals and attorneys

  • Partnership Acceptances’ back-office users.

The Results

In preparation for a follow-up progress meeting with Partnership Acceptances, we compiled an XD medium-fidelity clickable design with both mobile and desktop views. This design was also used during user testing. The clickable design and the progress made up to that point, and our approach to delivering real value to customers and end clients convinced Partnership Acceptances in 15 minutes to onboard us and move to the development phase.

Development of the project commenced on 10 January 2022 whereafter we delivered a beta release approximately three months later and the final product four and a half months later.


“Polymorph has been a pleasure to work with. Their team is professional, agile, easy to work with, and the quality of their work has been great. We would definitely recommend them.”
Chris Becker
Chief Financial Manager of Partnership Acceptances

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