A Peek Into The Life Of a Graphic Designer

Geek is the new Glam. Or so they say…

If we go back ten years, working in tech was reserved for the socially awkward human beings. Those who communicate better with machines than people. But nowadays, flaunting your latest app or showing off your coding skills will definitely get you on top of; not only the corporate ladder; but the social ladder as well. So, as the tech industry is basically taking over our lives, I decided to take a deeper look into it, to see if it’s really that fabulous.

I spoke to Paul Roux. Graphic Designer at Polymorph Systems. A very arty, trendy geek. (With a touch of hipster.)

Q:When did you decide you want to become a Graphic Designer? And why?

A:I have a diverse background ranging from DTP, to Architectural animation, to a degree in High School Education. But I gained the opportunity to work at Polymorph through mutual contacts, and I jumped at the opportunity to give it a shot. I’ve always had a love for art and design.

Q:What does your typical working day look like?

A:I usually struggle to get up in the mornings, as I am a bit of a nocturnal being. But when I get going I usually start off by checking emails and catching up on current events within the design universe. Then I attend my stand-ups and carry on with the rest of my work day. Having a goal and some coffee is key.

Q:Why did you choose to work in South Africa?

 A: This is my home, and a beautiful country at that, even with all the problems we face, I still love South Africa.

Q:Tell us a bit about your favourite design software and why it is your favourite?

A:I personally love working in Adobe Illustrator, vectors are just amazing!

Q:What is the most challenging aspect concerning your job?

A: Definitely trying to figure out what the client wants, and then to convince them that you actually know what you are doing (Even when you sometimes don’t.)

Q:Tell us something about graphic designers that the world doesn’t know?

A:Graphic designers come across as mean sometimes, we are actually very nice, we just tend to be very critical and love it when everything looks just right.

Q:What do you love the most about being a graphic designer?

A:The challenges it bring, it’s a lot like like solving maths problems, but with beautiful images.

Q: What’s your motto in life?

A: Fake it till you make it!

Q:What advice would you give to young upcoming designers?

A: Research and keep up to date, since design changes everyday. Graphic design is 90% thinking, and 10% actually creating designs.

Seems like the arty and fun part of tech is hard work, but pays off. Keep your eyes on our blog for more interviews with people working the tech world in Polymorph. And catch a glimpse of the Glam formerly known as Geek.

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