Creative roles within mobile app development

Within Polymorph, we focus on creating mobile app development teams that are diverse in skillset and in thinking. In this way, we bring a broad range of talent to each product as well as create teams that think critically about each component and step.

Each voice carries equal weight to ensure that the mobile app development benefits from well considered design and development. In an ideal world each skill set would sit with one individual, but that is not a very efficient approach. Instead we evaluate the needs of each project and ensure that each skill is represented within the team according to the needs of the project. Our creative teams are made up of the following skill sets.

Product Owner

As a product owner, the role is complex, but at its core is keeping the user in mind and guiding the product to ensure the user’s goals are met. An ability to communicate clearly and concisely, as well as listening with an open mind is essential to this role. Bridging the gap between user and mobile app development team to ensure that the products usability and thus, success.

Information Architect / Designer

The information architect’s primary concern is how the information structured, both in terms of page layouts and flow and considering the priority of content and the meaning and legibility created by structure.

Graphic designer

Within the mobile app development, the Graphic Designer takes care of the visuals aesthetics and the way in which communication takes place visually. This can be a role for a Senior Designer or Junior Designer depending on the complexity of the mobile app development

UI Designer

A UI Designer is solely focused on the look of the interface. Making sure that space is used well and carefully considered

UX Designer

Focused on the overall user experience, a UX Designer also incorporates UX Research and user engagement such as user interviews and journeys. The UX designer and Product Owner will work closely together to ensure that, at the heart of the mobile app development, is the user’s needs and goals

Experience Designer

Focusing on the content, the meaning and the narrative created, the Experience Designer looks at the entire journey of the user and creates alignment within that

Animation / Motion Designer

An often overlooked component of mobile app development, the user has come to expect an engaging, moving app experience. From showing that the app is ‘thinking’ to creating an elegant flow between actions, animation and motion design gives the app

Multimedia Designer

Thinking about the how of the users engagement and adding the subtle, but compelling layers of sound, video etc

User Testing

This is an essential component of mobile app development and one that cannot be given too much attention.User Testing is about making sure the product works as intended, and getting and interpreting user feedback on the product. Product testing is going to happen no matter what and either you are in the room with the user, learning from them or you are not and you have missed an opportunity to create a more successful, usable app that integrates into your user’s life.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to blog about various tools that we use within mobile app development.

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