E-book launch: Product Development Canvas Step-by-step guide

Many of the anxieties around starting a company, building a new product and developing a new app are related to lack of information and an actionable roadmap. Most entrepreneurs, and even seasoned business owners, don’t always realise that there are tools to assist with putting an idea into a plan.

One of the first tasks at Polymorph is to assist the person with the business idea to generate a solution that solves a real world problem for a real world user.

This is where decades of combined knowledge helps a great deal as well as using the right tool for the right question. We assist entrepreneurs with mapping their questions and solutions on canvases regularly and it helps us to understand and add our vast knowledge to the entrepreneur’s journey. At times entrepreneurs want to do this journey solo for the first time. It helps them grasp what it is they are solving and where they want to go. Not all the canvases have to be done alone. Some entrepreneurs figure out their Vision Canvas and we create a Sprint to work on the others together.

The idea of placing them in an e-book was to collate all the knowledge we rely on in one easy to read, easy to download and easy to use book. We hope that the e-book travels far and wide and we hear about the amazing work being done all over the globe. At Polymorph, we believe the world is changed through entrepreneurship and we hope that this e-book crammed full of knowledge and wisdom helps you change your world.

With great thanks to Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur, Roman Pichler and Shardul Mehta for producing the canvases that we work from and for distributing their work under the Creative Commons License. Thank you to Kelsey Merkley and Ryan Merkley for their amazing work with Creative Commons. Download e-book

Please distribute widely and freely under the Creative Commons License.


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