Multi Area Wins

Most of us struggle with balance in our lives. Balance between work, family, ourselves and our community involvement. Often a lack of time is one of the biggest causes of the lack of balance : “I don’t have time to exercise.” “I want to spend more time with my family, but my work just takes so much time!”

One way to achieve a better balance is to make changes to your life that allow you bring the different areas in you life closer together. Think about it : if you could do something that’s a win for your family as well as your job, you’re winning in two areas. Two birds with one stone.

Not having a good balance is a source of stress for many people. At Polymorph we try and avoid stress as much as possible (it’s unhealthy for a start, unpleasant for another). We try to create opportunities for people to achieve multi area wins by being flexible so people can create the opportunities for these types of wins. Our office optional culture (more about this in a later post) helps with this, because it gives everyone the opportunity to work from home, or wherever it makes sense. They can therefore spend more time on what is important outside work.

Maybe an example will illustrate this better. In the past week, these have been some of the places that I’ve called “my office.”

I took my family on a trip to a coastal town. While I worked, they could spend time having a blast, and when I didn’t work, I could join them. I also had the time to sit and work in a coffee shop, to walk along the coast and to simply appreciate the surroundings. Three way win!

Our whole culture at Polymorph is centered around being able to work wherever it makes sense. Our communication processes, tools and the way our teams function are built around this concept. We believe it makes us happier, and Polymorph an awesome place to work.

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