My Favourite Tech Blogs

So, I’ll confess: I love reading.

I believe in the concept that knowledge is power. And in the tech world that statement couldn’t be any more powerful than it already is. And what better way to obtain knowledge than through reading?

With tech-related blogs popping up daily, it’s hard to find one that really suits your needs and communicate relative information. But, I can assure you that there’s a blog/website for every geek and nerd who loves technology!

I decided to list my 5 favourite tech-blogs. I’ll tell you a little about each one. Hopefully this will help you find the one that’s right for you.

I’ll start with my ultimate favourite one:

Mashable: The blog that covers everything: From Miley Cyrus’ latest tongue flashing selfie to the latest mobile OS. This is a fun blog that’s written in plain English and caters for every type of person. Here you can find news on the latest gadgets, droids and coding languages. They also hosted an Ask a developer series, where tech related questions asked by the public, got answered by experts. If you like to be on height with the latest news and inventions; this is your go-to site.

If you like local news, technology and business related articles; I’ll recommend you check out Memeburn. With all the latest South African mobile news to the latest African Start up, this blog will give you all the info you need to be tech-savvy. It covers international tech news as well.

For the guy that don’t buy the latest iPhone or tablet, before checking out how it measures up with their current device, TechCrunch is the site to check out. Not only do they have endless reviews on mobile devices, they also report on the latest tech news.

Bandwidth blog, a vey nice site with awesome articles. You can read about the latest 3d-printing technology and even the newest features of Windows. This site will help you keep up to date with everything happening in the mobile and app world.

And now to all programmers: I have not forgotten about you. Ray Wenderlich’s site is filled with tutorials on coding and programming. Learn how to build with Swift or get some tips on Sprite Kit.
Don’t be left in the past, be informed on the latest coding languages and impress your co-workers.

What are you waiting for? Get tech-savvy with these blogs. I promise you won’t regret checking them out.

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