Polymorph in the press: Richard Barry (CEO) shares on the advantages of using off-the-shelf IOT devices connected to an existing or custom-built backend

Many business decision-makers have moved beyond the point where IOT is just a buzzword. They are seeing the tangible benefits of IOT and what it can do for business productivity, profits and future growth.

In part 3 of our IOT decision-making tree series, we discuss the last branch of the IOT decision-making tree that departs from the premise that your IOT device is IP enabled, but with no customisable or preconfigured firmware. It highlights the distinguishing factor namely data sensitivity. This means that you will have to decide whether you require full ownership and control of your data or whether you are comfortable sharing your data with the manufacturer.

It further considers the advantages of this approach, namely that it is ideal for prototyping as it is faster to launch, mostly budget-friendly and you can take advantage of almost immediately available IOT data and analytics. Furthermore, using an “off-the-shelf” solution with non-customisable firmware and connecting to an existing or custom backend significantly cuts time to market. With low development cost and effort, this is an ideal approach to conceptualise an idea and launch a working product to test market adoption.

However, despite the similarities in IOT services, there are also substantial differences. In this regard the article concludes with a consideration of the big cloud trio: AWS/Azure/Google IOT.

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