Polymorph Pitch Day: The beginning of great things

Dim the lights. Drum roll please…

It was our first ever pitch day at Polymorph. All our staff gathered to hear what amazing ideas we had in our midst. And wow…

The Polymorphers came up with the most brilliant ideas. From a monitoring app that you can use to express your inner Sherlock Holmes to a sport score tracker, there were ideas bound to capture attention and stir up enthusiasm.

The tension was high and the adrenalin pumped through our veins as we sat in awe of all the great things the people at Polymorph had up their sleeves. After each idea that was pitched, we had the opportunity to give our input and ask questions.

When thinking of an app idea there are three things that are of utmost importance. According to Richard Barry, CEO of Polymorph Systems, these three things include:

-Why this app must be build?
-Who will want to buy and use this app?
-How can this thing be implemented?

One must also keep in mind who your target market is. Market research on whether or not there’s already ‘an app for that’ is also important and in the case of it being so, what will set aside your app? What features will your app offer the users that the other apps don’t?

It was a great and productive day. The creative juices were really flowing and it’s absolute bliss to know that this was the first of many! (Although, we must admit that the best part of the day was receiving a Polymorph-branded t-shirt.)

If you are an app lover, keep your eyes open. There are a lot of great applications coming your way. Some of them might be a bit on the cheesy side, but we promise that you will love them.

Polymorph t-shirtFloris and Duke pitching their ideasH.Smith itching his ideasTeam Polymorph setting up Pitch DayColin taking notesRichard BarryTeam Polymorph

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