Polymorph through the eyes of an intern

When talking to anyone about an apprenticeship at a company, words like “under-appreciated work”, “long hours” and “coffee runs” are one of the first things to come up. But for any person with a will to learn, an opportunity like this is to persuade even if it means kissing-up to anyone that could provide it.

Thus, to my surprise, that was not the case at all at Polymorph. Being treated as a valuable part of the team came naturally and never having to ask twice for help was part of the unspoken rule. For a young developer like me being in an office full of engineers, development prodigies and “wiz-people” being intimidated is not a rare occurrence. But their humbleness and way of speaking to me as a colleague (and not someone lower down on the corporate hierarchy) made my stay very pleasurable.

With my first project at Polymorph I was thrown straight into the deep end and coping was one of my first priorities. (That and trying to not look totally bewildered.) Step by step I quickly learned and even the development lingo became native to me. With my first project I learned every aspect of how an application is put together. Even though some of the methods seemed taboo – at the end of it all you can see where every task came together and knowing that, spending hours on end thinking of something you created in your own mind, has not gone to waste.

With daily activities such as “Brain-Trust”, Lunch days, Team days and stand-ups one can not help for having sympathy for any non-Polymorphers for this is truly an amazing company that has a great work ethic.

Another baffling aspect of Polymorph was the use of Telecommuting which at first made me think that management was trying to trick me, although I did not take full advantage of this work arrangement it was fascinating to see how the team could still be productive and have full cooperation and communication between each other even though they were miles apart. This proved that the people at Polymorph is great at teamwork and getting along. It’s also proof of the mutual respect that dwells among one another at this prestige establishment.

I can never thank Polymorph enough for giving me such an opportunity to not only learn and do something very interesting, but for helping me find my passion and motivating me every step of the way. I look forward to walking the road ahead as a true Polymorpher.


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