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In 2016, Polymorph launched a new commercial model for building apps.  It’s a model with much less financial risk up front for our clients, where they don’t pay for the development of the app, but rather for the use of it.  We build apps that add real business value, and therefore the client only starts paying once they start receiving this value.

We believe this model is very well suited specifically for apps that help to manage and automate business processes and workflows.  These apps add immediate value to the bottom line of a business through cost savings or an increase in productivity.  We can make workflows visible to the relevant stakeholders, reducing inefficiencies along the way and greatly reducing the amount of phone calls, emails and text messages necessary just to keep track of where a worker or asset is in a workflow.

When building these types of workflow automation products, we still follow all the major tenets of our process. Our experience and the building blocks we use allow us to produce software very quickly – in the ballpark of 4 – 8 weeks from kickoff to a completed product that is ready for your users.

To work out whether your business can benefit from this model, there are two major things to evaluate.

Workflow Apps – our focus is on apps that help to manage and automate workflow. Whether the purpose of the app is to control the flow of stock in your factory, to maintain control of where & when janitorial work gets completed in your client’s malls or to manage load status communication for your logistics partners (as in the case of the Linebooker app), development will go quickly and with minimal fuss. If you’ve had software developed before, you will be very pleasantly surprised by how fast this goes.  If your business has clearly defined workflows or business processes that can benefit from optimisation, we’re a perfect fit.

Rental Model – the apps we build using this model are tools that make businesses more productive and more efficient.  They are tools you rent, not own.  The cost aligns with the benefit they bring to your bottom line.


The details will of course depend on the particulars of the project. In broad terms, the intent is for Polymorph to build software for rent. This means that your development cost is minimized to a great degree (again: if you’ve developed software before, you will be pleasantly surprised here).  The recurring cost scales with the usage of the app, and therefore only increases once the app starts providing significant value to the business.

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