Taking new form: Polymorph’s Rebranding Story

Madi Duvenhage

Madi Duvenhage

Polymorph, as a company, is officially a teenager 

We celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2022, and after a decade of growth and change, our brand needed a makeover. It was time to dig deep, do some soul-searching, and rediscover who we are and how we, as a company, want to be seen in the world.

Finding our way 

As amazing as our people are, we needed help with this makeover.  The branding specialists from The Principality swooped in to analyse the ins and outs of Polymorph. Having external input allowed us to gain insights into our business that we may not have thought about before. Our key stakeholders and customers were also included in the analysis. 

“What stood out for me whilst working with Polymorph during the brand strategy process, is the near-obsessive care everyone takes in doing meaningful work. And that swings both ways - that the work must be meaningful to clients and that it should be fulfilling to the people doing the work. It was almost heroic in a sense, how hard the Polymorph team will fight for both the integrity of the work and their people."

Carien Els
Carien Els

Co-Founder, The Principality

After many hours of research, brainstorming and workshops, the picture that emerged was finally reflecting our purpose and values. With a complete brand strategy in hand, we approached Emmaneel van der Merwe from New Found Form to visually represent our strategy.
Our founders had the concept of polymorphism in mind when they picked a name. Polymorphism refers to the provision of a single interface to entities of different types, or the use of a single symbol to represent multiple different types. The concept is borrowed from a principle in biology where an organism or species can have many different forms or stages. No stage or form is incomplete. Some say names are prophetic. Others maintain that names are a self-fulfilling prophecy. Either way … Polymorph has been and continues to be a polymorphism on many levels: 
  • the way in which we create software, each step a perfect part of the whole
  • the different people that have been part of Polymorph, each representing a new state of Polymorph
  • the way our curiosity has enabled us to learn, which has led to different forms of Polymorph
Polymorph has had many forms in the past. We take many forms in the present. We will have many forms in the future. Each form is complete in and of itself, and the next iteration of the form is even better.

So, who is Polymorph?

We exist to create people-centred software products that help shape valuable businesses.

We are human to the core

We put people first, and we’re unapologetic about it. Whether it’s our team, our clients or their users – our human lens is always on. We believe happy people do good work, so we choose our people over ridiculous work demands. We treat each other like humans, not resources.

There is no “I” in Polymorph

There literally isn’t. Collaboration and teamwork are central to developing the diverse views that make our work exceptional. We believe in collaborating closely with clients to form a seamless team. This means no surprises for our clients – they know what’s happening on projects every step of the way because we function as a single team.

We think critically

This is crucial to the value we bring to our work. We always ask why and never accept things at face value. We do this because it helps us unearth the real problems that need solving – not just the stated ones. As much as we challenge our clients’ assumptions, it’s also important for us to question our own.

We are immersed in tech

We’re not ashamed to say that tech is our great love. We get really engrossed in a range of tech subjects, so even in our downtime you’ll find most of us engaging in intense debates, staying up to date, or even tinkering with anything from hardware to software. We believe that this is part of our ‘secret sauce’ – the fact that this isn’t just our job but also our outside-the-office passion.

We are Grow-getters

We’re a growth-hungry team, so we give our people the space to grow in ways that are meaningful to them – whether it’s formal, by providing ongoing challenges, or by treating “mistakes” as learning opportunities. We approach every interaction with a learning mindset so we never stagnate.
A big thank you to the individuals who dedicated hours to defining and shaping our new Polymorph brand. The new Polymorph is far more than a creative venture. It is an embodiment of our dedication to our people, clients, and company.  If you haven’t heard of us, visit our brand-new website, www.polymorph.co.za, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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