Innovation Trends in 2018

One only has to search innovation trends to be inundated with articles proclaiming doctors will be replaced within a few years and how we need to get to Mars before the robots rise up.

I prefer to keep my innovation trends forecasts closer to home in terms of this is what I know because this is what I see in our daily lives at Polymorph. A little less dramatic, this is a more David Attenborourgh version of  innovation trends  rather than the Westworld Robert Ford version

A Smart World

The first  innovation trends everyone is talking about is the continued hype around Machine Learning and AI will focus a great deal on the dramatics of killer robots and the Church of AI. What I am interested in is how ML and AI can alleviate many of the burdens of daily life, not replace the human at work. Within Polymorph, we have worked with an American company to assist factory workers with productivity by equipping them with ML IoT. We are part owners of Bloodhound, that uses IoT to assist cleaners and security crews with daily task lists.

The view that Industrial Revolution has ended jobs seems unable to refocus to the idea that it was the birth of jobs too. We are creating the ML, AI and IoT which means that we determine the outcome. Just as each wave of Industrial Revolution has ensured a healthier and safer place for most of the world, we have the opportunity to do that again with the Fourth Industrial Revolution of ML, AI and IoT

A Secure World

There are two levels to this. The first is that companies need to tighten their security. From a freelancer held hostage by Ransomware to the theft of Bitcoins, a rethink of security is required. The second  technology trend is that cybersecurity will be embedded into platforms to ensure security for all of us.

The New Workplace

With skills shortages, we will see an even greater rise of freelancers and remote workers. Developers will work for companies in counties they never even visit. Companies will be able to call on developers when they have multiple projects and shrink when they don’t, making sure that resources can shift between companies.

The knock on effect is that tools for collaboration will grow. Within Polymorph, we use Slack for communication, Taiga and Trello for project management, and the Cloud for documentation. The power of digital collaboration has led to greater productivity

Subscription model

We have entered the age of the subscription. From what we watch to how we shop and eat, people enjoy the contact straight to the supplier. Weekly ready-to-make meals are a great example of how people have moved from shopping in store, to shopping online to shopping by subscription. I see subscription models as a one of the pivotal technology trends in 2018. How else can the subscription model be used to create ease and time in an overwhelmed life?

CX is immersive

The long awaited unveiling of Oculus Santa Cruz this year has all of us who game, and who create VR excited.

Having heard about the VRDays from Polymorph’s CCO, Colin Payne, I believe that the client will be further immersed in technology and not just for gaming, but for education, relaxation and shopping

2018 will be a year of further development and the maturation of technology we have been working and living with for sometime. This is a time to see how much further we can push the technologies to create a world that we all benefit from living in. What innovation trends do you see emerge in 2018?

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