What will operations, maintenance and the cloud look like by 2031?

Forbes recently posted an article, What Operations and Maintenance Could Look Like By 2025, which is very much consistent with what Polymorph has been doing over the past 15 years. The Covid-19 pandemic forced a big transition to mobile devices. This trend is continuing and even accelerating in 2021 as businesses are learning to appreciate the efficiency and freedom of mobile solutions. Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are two further trends that will drive innovation in the next decade. Here’s our take on what we think is going to happen in the next 10 years:

1. All things mobile

Findings from the Pew Research Center indicates that 100% of people ages 18-29 have a mobile phone and 96% have smartphones. It is highly likely that by 2031, we’ll see a significant decline in desktop software and desktop computers, with these being replaced by mobile devices and touch-screen computers and tablets.

2. The gamification of equipment maintenance

Using augmented reality in equipment and systems maintenance is a further trend that we think will appeal to your new entry-level hires. For example, a field technician using technology like Google Glass could view equipment schematics and diagnostics checklists to perform complex tasks in a hands-free, guided manner. Combined with a mobile device’s voice command capabilities, technicians could easily be trained to perform tasks without putting pen to paper and simply swipe on their device or keying information.

3. Smart manufacturing for the IIoT market 

Over the next ten years, IIoT devices are set to provide greater data visibility, improved performance, and opportunities for operations automation.  IIoT connections are expected to grow substantially with smart manufacturing becoming a key sector for the IIoT market.

4. AI and IIoT will form a powerful duo

IoT is already helping to reimagine daily living, but AI is becoming the real driving force behind IoT’s full potential. The convergence of AI and IoT will redefine the way industries, ranging from manufacturing to farming to supply chain management, will function.

5. AI-driven predictive maintenance will become the new norm

Field operations have made a definite move from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance, and indications are that this will soon move to AI-based predictive maintenance. This is more than simply calculating when an asset needs to be changed or serviced to instead leveraging data and AI models to accurately predict what maintenance will be necessary based on the unique use conditions for that asset.

As part of the Alphawave group of companies, Polymorph specialises in and works with the full range of the above-mentioned technologies from sensors and electronics, software and applications, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to augmented, virtual and extended reality (AR/VR/XR). We are excited about the future business value of technology and IoT on operations and maintenance. Learn more about Alphawave

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