The Apple DOES fall far from the Android.

After starting my job at Polymorph as an app designer three years ago, I became a huge Apple enthusiast, I thought NOTHING came close to Apple. Their products, their designs, the company, nothing or no-one could persuade me to think otherwise. I even became interested in developing iOS apps, because I thought Android/Windows/Blackberry didn’t stand a chance against this innovative technology brand.

Whenever given a new project to work on I secretly hoped for it to be an iOS app, since I wouldn’t dare touch Android designs.

Then, in 2014, Material Design happened. I was at first not really bothered. But then, the more I read up on it and the more we discussed it at the office, the more I started to realise what an amazing language this is. Google had done something right! Still, I couldn’t surrender to the fact that Google had done something better than Apple.

Then it was time to update my trusty iPhone 5. My obvious choice was the iPhone 6.  Later, however, after trying it out for a week, my heart was set on the iPhone 6 plus. It’s an Amazing phone with a nice big screen that I can get used to. iOS 9 was launched, and, to my disappointment it looked the same as iOS 8, with small changes here and there, like ditching the Helvetica font…. whoowhoo!

Being a VERY visual person, with only well-designed, pretty things catching my attention, I became interested in my husband’s Android phone after he upgraded to Lollipop. They introduced Material Design and I was secretly jealous. Everything looked too nice, was colour coded, had beautiful micro interactions, cool transitions….

With my love for colours and well-designed apps, my choice is obvious.

At Polymorph, more and more clients wanted Android apps. I realised I needed to up my designs skills for Android sooner rather than later. To be a great designer, especially if I want to call myself a cross-platform UX Interaction Designer, I need to know Android and how it works.

I decided NOT to upgrade to a new phone and waited a couple of months to see what I could sell to get enough money to be able to buy an iPhone 6 Plus. Talks about the new OnePlus Two did the rounds at the office and caught my attention. After the launch date in August, I tried my best to get an invite, but after being number 383 456 of 711 633 I gave up.

A while later I accidentally stumbled upon a place in Cape Town that sells OnePlus Two’s and after some serious consideration I finally made up my mind. They couriered it to me within 24 hours.

It’s only been a couple of days, but I am thrilled with Android. The use of bright colours, the hierarchy of elements, the layout of apps and the way it works. You can even customise the ‘face’ of your phone with a thousand of launchers you can choose from, perfect for superficial people like me! Google Now is so invasive, I love it. Mobile users need information, we thrive on it, and access to the most recent up-to-date information is key. It seems my phone actually knows more about me than I do 😉 And yes, it is available on the Apple App Store as well, but after trying Google Keep for a couple of months on my iPhone, I could clearly see the design principles of a native Android Application is very different than on iOS, not to mention the performance issues I had.

There’s still a lot that I need to learn and discover and I’m grateful for working at a company where I’ve been welcomed with open arms into the ‘Android community’. I’m sure there will always be bad blood amongst Apple and Android believers, but personally I think Apple should up their game a bit to keep to the fast pace that Google is moving.


With love, from your newest Android devotee.

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