Digital transformation use cases that changed the day-to-day operations for business

Businesses globally are transforming to digital and reaping the benefits such as optimised business practices, rapid problems solving, and more productive workers. It also facilitates improved compliance with legislation and company standard operating procedures. Moreover, both South African and international businesses are seeing significant ROI from their digital transformation investments.  We look at 4 such real-life use cases below:

1. SAPPI, JSE listed South African company successfully implemented digital transformation in sales and supply chain

2. Chipotle adopts digital transformation in fast food

3. Fortune 500 oil and gas companies reap benefits of digital transformation

4. Saltworks, a US salt producer implements eCommerce for operations

Research also supports the benefits of digital transformation. For example, in a survey conducted by PTC, executives listed the top benefits of digital transformation as improved operational efficiency (40%), faster time to market (36%) and the ability to meet customer expectations (35%). Gartner further reports in their survey that 56% of CEOs considered digital improvements to have led to increased revenue. In fact, digitally mature companies are 23% more profitable than their less mature peers.

1. SAPPI, JSE listed South African company, successfully implemented digital transformation in sales and supply chain

SAPPI, a global diversified woodfibre company successfully implemented has also embarked on a digital transformation journey in sales, supply chain, and manufacturing to make the most of innovative Industry 4.0 technologies and applications. The manufacturer also rolled out initiatives that will empower its workforce with new methods and tools to do business, connect with customers and establish partnerships across the value chain.

2. Chipotle adopts digital transformation in fast food

Chipotle digitalized one process at a time. For example, introducing pickup shelves for online orders so customers can skip the line and get their orders faster. Next, it linked its delivery service to a digital app. Over time it transformed all its processes. It undoubtedly paid off with the stock price increasing by 152% in just 17 months. 

3. Fortune 500 oil and gas companies reap benefits of digital transformation

A Fortune 500 oilfield drilling provider created more jobs in a growing market with the same headcount by implementing digital transformation while another Fortune 500 oilfield equipment provider enhanced engineering and reliability by digitizing repair processes.

4. Saltworks, a US salt producer implements eCommerce for operations

A prominent salt producer and distributor in the United States, Saltworks,  commenced its digital transformation by implementing an integrated eCommerce solution for both their B2B and B2C operations.

It is clear that digital transformation has enabled business approaches to be more effective, to reduce cost, improve standards and boost efficiency and profitability in the long run. However, complete digital transformation is not achieved all at once but should be attained in small steps – a solution that is developed for the South African context and allows a certain measure of flexibility. 

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