ExpenZa, the first of its kind personal expense tracker app now available in the Google Play store

ExpenZa is tailor-made for the individual who wants to take control of their personal finances. It is a platform that allows users to effortlessly start budgeting and tracking expenses with its proprietary technology that automatically populates user’s income and expenditure history and matches it to the user’s budget.

ExpenZa is a personal finance management tool that operates by storing the sms’s you receive from your bank and using them to build a transaction history in the app. This allows you to view your income for the month and expenses per category. You can categorise expenses in order to effectively manage your budget.Unlike similar services that require its users to divulge sensitive details, like internet banking user name and password, and require a monthly premium, ExpenZa is completely free and does not request any of your personal banking details to start working.


With over 50,000 downloads of the app already it has proven itself to be a financially empowering tool, and with a mobile first approach you have access to an overview of your financial status on the go at all times.

Scenario 1:

John has been slaving away in his 3x3m cubicle for years now, barely having enough time to finish his morning cup of coffee. John’s wife has gotten a little tired of his extended working hours and is now nagging him daily to make use of his accumulated leave to take her on a nice romantic holiday. John knows he needs to spend some quality time with his wife and he knows he’s accumulated a lot of leave, but he’s not sure how much he can afford to spend on this romantic getaway.

If only John had taken the time to download the ExpenZa app. He would have been able to manage and control his personal finances with far greater ease. This would allow him to instantly view how much surplus money he has available from ExpenZa’s easy to use budgeting tool, turning their romantic getaway into a reality.

Isn’t it time you empowered your financial lifestyle?

Scenario 2:

Ever had that moment when you’re driving to work, stuck in traffic, running late and all of a sudden warning lights on the car start flashing and you’re no longer moving forward. It is one of the worst ways to start the day for most of us, not only because of the inconvenience, but because we all know that anything that breaks on a car is not cheap to replace.

Very few of us however have an all-inclusive motor plan, or even save a little bit every month for occasions such as this, and yet it happens to every vehicle owner at some point in time.

ExpenZa’s personal finance tracker helps you to control and manage your finances in an easy manner, and on a month to month basis you are encouraged to set budget limitations. You could even have a separate savings account specifically for vehicle costs. At the very least you’ll have an holistic view of your financial situation and will know how much unexpected expenses, such as vehicle related repairs, are costing you on a month by month basis.

Isn’t it time you empowered your financial lifestyle?

Scenario 3:

Mark has realised that summer is only a few months away and has taken the plunge to start eating healthily and get into shape. However he’s a busy guy who’s either working till late at night or nodding off on the couch in front of the telly. As such he often doesn’t get round to packing lunch for himself for
the next day, which he doesn’t think is a problem as there is a new deli right downstairs from his office that he can get lunch at.

Mark knows the meals are a little pricey but because they are quite healthy he prefers to eat there. It wasn’t however until he installed the ExpenZa app on his phone and tracked his monthly expenses that he realised he was spending over R2000 a month at the deli that he wasn’t budgeting for, significantly more than what he would be spending bringing a healthy meal from home.

Now that Mark has a holistic view of his financial situation from his phone he’s managed to save over R1000 a month just on something as small as lunch.

Isn’t it time you empowered your financial lifestyle?

Scenario 4:

Bathini travels almost three hours a day to and from the office every day. Some mornings she is running late and takes a taxi instead of a train or a bus. She knows the cheapest way for her to travel is by train, but because she pays for her transport daily she doesn’t track her weekly transport costs. There are months that before she gets her salary she’s run out of money for transport to and from work.

With ExpenZa Bathini can now allocate the cash she spends on a daily basis, track her travel expenses and make sure she budgets properly so as to not run out of travel money before the end of the month.

Isn’t it time you empowered your financial lifestyle?

This is what some of our users have had to say:

“Excellent App I absolutely love this app! In my seminars I encourage people to track their expenses to know where their money is going and now they can easily do this with ExpenZa. Thanks for the wonderful app!”
– Sandras J Phiri
Inspirational Speaker, Writer and Success Coach
Sandras and Lelemba Institute, Cape Town, South Africa

“Excellent App. This is the best thing since sliced bread. It represents the next level in managing your budget, without manually entering all entries. Making the computer the slave! Most of us are slaves of the computer and this app is a step in the right direction.”
– Lodi Hendriks

The app is free for download from the Google play store and is available for any Android device in South Africa capable of receiving sms’s. Keep an eye out for future updates of the app where discounts and additional tools, aimed at helping you save money, will be introduced.

Whilst it is a mobile first application, the web version of ExpenZa offers a range of additional functionality that augments the application. Whether you are on the go and want an on hand quick access view of your overall personal finances, or you are in front of your PC and are looking for a more holistic view with personal reporting, ExpenZa is able to offer both.

Please visit: www.expenza.co.za/www.expenza.com for further information.

ExpenZa is the result of the hard work between both Framework One and Polymorph Systems. Their combined expertise in system development and application development based on Windows Azure, makes these two a formidable team partnering up to create the new release of ExpenZa.

For any media related enquiries please contact:

Gabriel Roux
Email: Gabriel@expenza.co.za
Office number: 021 880 1034
Office Address:2nd Floor Rhino House, 23 Quantum Rd, Technopark, Stellenbosch

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