Polymorph joins forces with Energy Partners to expand their business and develop a revolutionary business intelligence system for utility management

Energy Partners, a leading energy utility provider in South Africa and Africa, tasked Polymorph to create a reliable data management platform that collects and manages IOT data from devices across the Energy Partners’ network. The goal is to provide data and business insights to all stakeholders and ultimately to create user-friendly products to revolutionise the communication between partner and client.

When working with large-scale commercial and industrial organisations, Energy Partners employs a three-pronged approach to reduce total energy by outsourcing utilities, co-ownership and turnkey projects.

Energy Partners’ footprint comprises multiple energy plants spread across the continent which means the utility provided needed a reliable and scalable platform to collect, measure and analyse the data from these various utilities. Data would be collected by monitoring energy consumption at different plants using meters and IOT devices to see if it functions effectively. In order to trust these measurements, the captured data had to be accurate and reliable – a reliable utility management platform would thus be the first step towards the goal. Energy Partners’ existing platform was unable to scale effectively, and Polymorph was contracted to build an improved platform focusing on data retention and management.

Polymorph identified four user groups and highlighted the need for customised, interactive reporting and exact analysis. Considering Energy Partners’ unique user groups (both internal and external) it required a specific focus on product management and the ability to scale.  Polymorph combined all the pieces and built a platform utilising existing products to visualise the IOT data as it flows through Energy Partners’ intelligence processes.

The newly developed platform, Glo, now serves as Energy Partners’ utility data management and business intelligence platform, garnering results by providing access to reliable data and actionable insights for internal stakeholders and clients. Glo enables Energy Partners to reduce utility costs and use, optimise asset performance, and ensure value for clients.

Energy Partners’ objective is and has always been the creation of improved energy solutions to fuel Africa’s growth through a results-driven, cost-efficient and sustainable approach. In this regard, Energy Partners invests in new companies, technology, and people to work towards a future where energy is a right and not a cost.

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