Maximise your return on investment with the software development planning canvas

Famous philosopher, writer and inventor, Benjamin Franklin once said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” This statement is especially true when leading a software development project where you have to juggle various aspects of the software development process. We have adapted principles from The Lean Product Playbook by Dan Olsen to […]

Empowered Product Team Roles

The saying,  “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” is especially true in a software product team. At Polymorph, our teams are built on three main pillars that, when combined, form one value delivering, autonomous entity that solves the needs of users by supplying them with a well-designed, lean and robust product. […]

Software development: Don’t get caught building software with no real value

Currently, the Apple App Store grows with 1000+ apps per day which means competition is fierce and organisations can easily feel that they are missing out on an essential piece of the digital revolution. Nevertheless, businesses can make the fatal mistake of diving into app development unprepared and end up with an app with no […]

Mitigate Usability Risk – Make sure your mobile app is easy to use

Like with any meaningful innovation, developing custom software comes with several risks. Whether your users can figure out how to use your solution is one of the big 4 product development risks. This is known as usability risk, and not addressing it early can result in your software or product failing. Usability is a measure […]

Empowered Teams

Working in teams can be one of the most fulfilling experiences one can have in your professional life and yet it can also be one of the most common reasons to look for other employment.  In some teams, you are just a number, another asset to be exploited or a skill to be applied where […]

Software development product discovery

What is product discovery and what is the importance of it? Product discovery is a flexible period during which the product team focuses on “building the right thing” rather than “building the thing right”. The latter would be seen as product delivery. We see product discovery as an iterative process where an emphasis is placed […]

Understanding these 4 risks will help you build a successful app

Building custom software is an exciting opportunity that could lead to substantial business growth. Just like any meaningful innovation, custom software development includes a number of risks and analysing them should form an essential part of the planning process. Given the amount of time and resources that are typically invested in custom software development projects, […]

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