Role-based Access with Lambda Functions

Systems often have different tasks and actions that are performed by different users. Users and administrators are the simplest examples of this.  It gets more complicated if there are multiple types of users with their own sets of actions or a hierarchy of administrators. A flexible way of dealing with this complexity is to include […]

First time building an LMS: SCORM

In recent years, learning has taken a leap from traditional classrooms to virtual platforms, and the learning management system (LMS) is at the heart of this transformation. If you’re unfamiliar with what an LMS is or how it’s revolutionising the education and training industries, this article is for you. We’ll dive deep into the core […]

Understanding the Consequences of Non-Incremental Software Releases in Quality Assurance

We’ve all been there: a major software release drops and suddenly you’re overwhelmed with bug reports and unhappy customers. It’s a common scene, a direct result of the fallacy that non-incremental releases are more efficient. What if I told you that after eight and a half years in the trenches, I’ve discovered that embracing incremental […]

Exploring Software Wonderland: A Tester’s Odyssey through Scenarios and Types

Just like Alice’s Wonderland, testing has many paths or, as we call it, “testing techniques” that you can use to get to your desired outcome i.e., ensuring that the quality of your system is top-notch. That sounds pretty simple, right? And it is, but there’s a bit more to it than just that.  When it […]

My Unexpected Journey Into QA Testing with Polymorph

My heart was set on software development company, Polymorph, from the first day when I accidentally fell into doing quality assurance (QA) for them (long story). The short version is that my daughter was helping out with some QA work when I saw her testing, which looked like a lot of fun – especially compared […]

Flutter CI/CD with Codemagic Part 1: Automating test releases

The popular belief that automating test releases is a luxury reserved for large teams or complex projects is quite misleading. With Codemagic, app developers in South Africa can automate the most time-consuming app release steps, such as code signing, building and uploading new app versions, and setting changelogs. And after first-hand experience in how amazing […]

Unlocking effective QA testing in custom software development with LambdaTest

Lambda Test, one of our latest testing tools, is revolutionising how we approach new testing requirements. As QA team lead at Polymorph, I’d like to share my experiences with this incredible tool and the benefits it has brought to our custom software development testing efforts. Despite being in its infancy stages within our testing team, […]

Flutter integration testing: “pump and unsettle”

If you plan to implement integration testing for your Flutter app, you may want to learn from our recent misadventure. Implementing integration testing can easily become challenging to downright maddening, especially when dealing with multiple libraries like Gherkin (BDD and functional testing) and Flutter Driver or Flutter integration test. We recently ran into a particularly […]

Unleashing Excellence: The Seven Principles of Software Testing

In this article we discuss the concept of unleashing excellence in striving for perfection and what it truly means in the context of software testing. While perfection is commonly defined as the process of improving something until it is flawless, here we explore how understanding the 7  ideas listed below  relate to the striving for […]

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