Applying Agile remotely

Our enthusiastic team of Agile managers are out to debunk the myth of the god-like powers of post-it notes and index cards. In preparation for submitting a talk for the annual Scrum Gathering in South Africa in November, they are talking at two SUGSA meetups, the first happening in Cape Town on 4 August followed […]

Introducing #morphbites

The idea is to share short sound bites about all the interesting happenings in the dev, design and process world that we function in. Individuals grab one of our Slack channels and give a 5 minute run down of 2 or more highlights from that channel. We find these rapid info-sharing sessions a great way […]

Mastering Teams & Debugging Team Toxins

In his book “Drive”, Dan Pink suggests that Mastery is one of the three elements — along with Autonomy and Purpose — that compels us to do what we do. Mastery allows us to move from simply complying to a set of “rules” and “musts” to engaging in the functions that comprise our vocation. “The […]