Anomaly detection in predictive and preventive maintenance

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It’s a given that machines will break (often when you least expect it) and is probably the oldest rule in manufacturing. Reliability and predictability are therefore critical elements in asset-intensive industries that use rotating machinery and industrial equipment. Downtime in these industries can result in losses to the tune of millions of rands. Despite this, […]

Is IoT the innovation that will humanise tech?

In the 1700s, the First Industrial Revolution made many manual labour tasks redundant. Then, during the Second Industrial Revolution the advances in manufacturing and production technology enabled the adoption of telegraph and rail networks, and water and energy supply. This allowed an unprecedented movement of people that brought with it a new wave of globalisation. […]

Introducing #morphbites

The idea is to share short sound bites about all the interesting happenings in the dev, design and process world that we function in. Individuals grab one of our Slack channels and give a 5 minute run down of 2 or more highlights from that channel. We find these rapid info-sharing sessions a great way […]