The meaning of UX design in app development

The meaning of UX design in app development banner

The term user experience (UX) was first coined in 1993 by the Cognitive psychologist, Don Norman, while working at Apple Computer as a designer. As a User Experience Architect for Apple, he became the first person to have UX as part of his job title. He said: “I invented the term because I thought Human […]

PixelUp! Conference 12-14 September 2016

On Sunday I’m leaving to go to Johannesburg, City of Gold. Where my treasure lies is in the knowledge I will receive from international industry leaders in User Experience and User Interface Design. PixelUp! is more than a conference. It promises to teach us on how we can improve building digital products. It’s three days […]

Introducing #morphbites

The idea is to share short sound bites about all the interesting happenings in the dev, design and process world that we function in. Individuals grab one of our Slack channels and give a 5 minute run down of 2 or more highlights from that channel. We find these rapid info-sharing sessions a great way […]

Stepping up our Product Development process

Testing new software with real users during an iterative development process is a good idea. In fact, stated like that it seems pretty obvious… but being an obviously good idea does not make a thing easy to do. In 2016, we embarked on the journey to create better usability testing capability in Polymorph. So in […]