How do we make products that sound human?

Many product teams, like ours, don’t have a dedicated UX writer/content designer. But, with a bit of a shift in mindset and by making use of the UX skills already on our team, we’ve been able to help our clients build apps that sound human.  So, how do we translate what’s happening on the back […]

Essential power-ups for growing a UX team

Polymorph has grown in leaps and bounds since I joined the team in 2015. Many people have come and gone, and many things have changed. But core to our culture — a deep curiosity that has enabled us to keep learning — remained as strong as ever. It is a constant that has never changed […]

Flutterflow for UX designers: What, why and when?

What is Flutterflow and low-code development? Low code is a way of creating software applications that emphasises visual design over traditional coding. Instead of writing code, low-code platforms use a visual interface that allows users to create and configure applications using pre-built templates and components.  This approach makes it possible for people of all skill […]

Software development best practice: Good requirements lead to great architecture

As an agile software development team, you may frequently find that your delivery dates are wrong. It seems that requirements have changed and therefore caused the delay, or there were hidden complexities in the feature. What if the reason isn’t that the requirements changed but instead there was a misalignment between what was understood to […]

Empowered Product Team Roles

The saying,  “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” is especially true in a software product team. At Polymorph, our teams are built on three main pillars that, when combined, form one value delivering, autonomous entity that solves the needs of users by supplying them with a well-designed, lean and robust product. […]

The meaning of UX design in app development

The term user experience (UX) was first coined in 1993 by the Cognitive psychologist, Don Norman, while working at Apple Computer as a designer. As a User Experience Architect for Apple, he became the first person to have UX as part of his job title. He said: “I invented the term because I thought Human […]

Software development product discovery

What is product discovery and what is the importance of it? Product discovery is a flexible period during which the product team focuses on “building the right thing” rather than “building the thing right”. The latter would be seen as product delivery. We see product discovery as an iterative process where an emphasis is placed […]

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