A few things to consider about AI for business (part 2)

Introduction AI is not just a new technology—it’s reshaping industries. The question isn’t whether AI will disrupt your business but when and how, and it’s best to react to this type of disruptive change earlier rather than later. As Ethan Mollick, in his thought-provoking piece ‘On holding back the strange AI tide‘, reminds us: “The […]

A few things to consider about AI for business (part 1)

Why should you care about what AI is or isn’t? Allow me a moment of transparency before we delve into a topic related to Artificial Intelligence (AI). This article has been hard to write. Despite the complexity of AI as a discipline, its rise in accessibility and popularity means that everyone with half a presence […]

Essential power-ups for growing a UX team

Polymorph has grown in leaps and bounds since I joined the team in 2015. Many people have come and gone, and many things have changed. But core to our culture — a deep curiosity that has enabled us to keep learning — remained as strong as ever. It is a constant that has never changed […]

The meaning of UX design in app development

The term user experience (UX) was first coined in 1993 by the Cognitive psychologist, Don Norman, while working at Apple Computer as a designer. As a User Experience Architect for Apple, he became the first person to have UX as part of his job title. He said: “I invented the term because I thought Human […]

Polymorph Family Day 2015

What has three legs, a thick skin and the ability to feed the hungriest of Polymorphers? The answer is a Potjie. Six of them, in fact. On Saturday 28 November we had our annual family day, and this year we decided to make it a bit of a competition. We set out to find the […]

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