The Things Network Conference

The Things Network is a global community building an open Internet of Things infrastructure. It spans the globe with over 31 229 members and 16 322 applications deployed.

Initiated by Wienke Giezeman in 2015, the network is built by its members. Together they create a secure and collaborative network by placing gateways or running network servers.

In addition to The Internet of Things community actively building an open network, they have a informative database of documentation on processes and tools. The active forum, wiki ,Github and YouTub channel assists anyone to get up and running with developing their own applications. The three pronged approach of growing the network, community and knowledge has created a successful and active community.

As well as initiating The Things Network, Giezeman is the co-founder of The Things Industries providing an integrated chain of LoRaWAN products and service to beginning building on the Internet of Things. Showing that he is committed to the commercial development of the Internet of Things.

Today is the first day of the first The Things Network Conference in Amsterdam and we are proud to announce that Polymorpher, JP Meijers will be speaking as the creator of the TTN Mapper Processing 3 million data points to create the map is no mean feat.

From 1-3 February, the three day conference is divided into Practical Skills on the first day, Keynotes on the second and a Community Day on the third. From discussion on how to keep livestock safe to how to hinder drug smuggling in containers, the conference promises real world examples of the application of IoT. Talks such as Claire Garside looking at empowering communities with IoT and Nicolas Sornin about the Future of LoRa and LoRaWAN are of particular importance to us here in South Africa. Personally, Thomas Telkamp from Lacuna Space’s talk on LoRaWAN from space sounds interesting!

Everyone at Polymorph is excited to learn from JP when he returns and we have asked him to put together his thoughts on the experience as well as his talk.

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