Key takeaways and trends: Internet of Things (IoT) World 2020 Expo

The IoT ecosystem is rapidly increasing, with reports estimating that by 2021 the number of connected devices is expected to reach 28 billion worldwide. This makes IoT-focused events such as the IoT World 2020 expo the ideal space to collaborate, discuss the latest trends and developments and test new products.  Polymorph attended this virtual world […]

An introduction to predictive maintenance

Maintenance costs form a major part of the total operating costs of all manufacturing and production plants. Depending on the specific industry, maintenance costs can be anywhere between 15 and 60% of the cost of goods produced. For example, in food-related industries, the average maintenance costs are approximately 15% of the production cost but for […]

The Industrial Internet of Things revolution is here and data is the new currency for optimisation

Schneider Electric has opened multiple smart factories worldwide, with its latest addition in Lexington, Kentucky. The factory boasts 10 of the most disruptive digital transformation initiatives available namely, an auto-guided vehicle, resource advisor, power monitoring expert, 3D printing, collaborative robots, an augmented operator advisor, lead digitization system, digital idea and SIM system, a versatility management […]

8 tips for running an Agile software development project remotely

I started working remotely just more than 6 years ago, the same day I started working in an agile environment.  Over this period I’ve been an Agile manager of several software development teams. I have heard and seen almost every challenge of remote work play out; none of which can’t be overcome.  Being able to […]

Five important IOT and mobile app development lessons Polymorph learnt in 2017

Our mobile app development teams are comprised of designers, developers, product owners and are held together by formidable agile managers. With decades of experience, the agile managers are exceptional and have a wealth of knowledge relating to creating successful teams. Not shy of conflict, our agile managers regularly bring calm and perspective to the teams […]

Ctrl: A Story of Mobile App Development

South Africa’s first independent digital short term insurance advisor, Ctrl, will launch in the first half of 2018. We spoke to Pieter Venter, one of the three founders about their experience working with Polymorph to develop the mobile app, as well as their thoughts about the future of insurance Mobile first and independent, Ctrl has […]

The True Cost of Building the Internet of Things

In a recent Forbes article, B2B spending on the IoT technologies, apps and solutions will reach $267 billion by 2020 and Statista forecasts that the market value of IoT will be $1,391B next year. It is a huge market and many are rushing to be a part of it, but what are the true costs […]

12 tips for entrepreneurs who consider mobile app development in 2018

Working with entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, c-level execs in corporates, product owners, developers, designers, Agile managers, marketing teams and everyone else on mobile app development has given us great insight into what made those successful apps succeed. I have divided it into two – “know” and “be” – which echoes the pre-build stage of mobile app development […]

What you need are a few strong men and a tractor

When asked about a budget for mobile app development, the often heard reply is how long is a piece of string. The reason is that mobile app development can be a complex build with many features. We usually advise against this way of building. Our recommendation is not always one that lands well, but it […]

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