Software for Rent

In 2016, Polymorph launched a new commercial model for building apps.  It’s a model with much less financial risk up front for our clients, where they don’t pay for the development of the app, but rather for the use of it.  We build apps that add real business value, and therefore the client only starts paying […]

PixelUp! Conference 12-14 September 2016

On Sunday I’m leaving to go to Johannesburg, City of Gold. Where my treasure lies is in the knowledge I will receive from international industry leaders in User Experience and User Interface Design. PixelUp! is more than a conference. It promises to teach us on how we can improve building digital products. It’s three days […]

Building Soaring Coach: a Makerday project

Soaring Coach is a piece of software I’m developing during Makerdays (our quarterly innovation time) at Polymorph. It aims to help newer pilots develop the skill and confidence to go flying cross-country more often. What is Soaring? Soaring is the skill of staying aloft in an un-powered aircraft (often called a “glider”). Before you get […]

Stepping up our Product Development process

Testing new software with real users during an iterative development process is a good idea. In fact, stated like that it seems pretty obvious… but being an obviously good idea does not make a thing easy to do. In 2016, we embarked on the journey to create better usability testing capability in Polymorph. So in […]