Why go mobile?

Let us first consider the role of the mobile device,  which primarily means mobile phones and tablets, in people’s lives.It used to be that a personal computer, and via that access to the internet, was a tool used grudgingly at work. You had to master complex and ugly software programs that supposedly helped you do […]

Fleet of One has launched!

Fleet of One is a new game from the South African studio, Polymorph. It’s an original space blaster designed for touch screen interaction that celebrates the glory of classic arcade shooters.This game sees you speeding through the farthest reaches of Outer Space, blasting and shielding, tapping and swiping, and collecting all the energy you can […]

ParkSpotter Africa

Together with MapStudio, Polymorph has launched a brand new innovative wildlife app on the iTunes App Store. ParkSpotter Africa is the first application of its kind to not only spot and share wildlife and fauna sightings on social media, but also photograph, identify, save and share sightings according to geo-location, date, time and categories to […]

Polymorph celebrates three apps and three years in mobile

A dynamic, young company, Polymorph has a lot to celebrate at the moment. This passionate team is proving that the Western Cape is a technical and development hotbed with the launch of three world-class mobile apps. ParkSpotter Africa, Fleet of One, ExpenZa, major update. The team also has another reason to be celebrate – their […]