Clarifying Software Development Skills at Polymorph

Recently, we discovered and started experimenting with a framework called SFIA: the Skills Framework for the Information Age. In this article, we look into: The SFIA framework and how it works Where it fits in at Polymorph What problems it can and cannot solve What is the SFIA framework, and why does it matter in […]

The Impact of Getting Things Done

At Polymorph, we often discuss the importance of valuing people. As a way to demonstrate this, I wanted to share a practical example of how we assist one another. When you start working at Polymorph (or maybe during the interview process already), you quickly discover that the standards are quite high and that our team […]

A Look at a Day in the Life of a Software Engineer at Polymorph

Software developers are a very unique breed of humans, and the Polymorph devs are no exception. They have caffeine running through their veins, and debugging is a daily workout. We celebrate them this way, and we love to give them the space and freedom to live out their passion for solving problems and discovering and […]

Polymorph Red bus team day

We started the year off strong by celebrating our team and recognising the value of their hard work at our first Team Day on Friday, 28 January. After almost two years of social distancing and lockdown, we made sure that it was extra fun! We also made sure to take time during the day to […]

Cross Challenge Grabouw

Polymorph took on the 2022 Cross Challenge Grabouw with a 500m swim, 22km MTB ride and 4.5km trail run at the world-renowned trails of the Grabouw Country Club. The event is sponsored by one of Polymorph’s sister companies, Skynamo. Six Polymorph employees, divided into two groups of three each, participated in the challenge on 26 […]

A software development company that truly values its employees

Polymorph places a high premium on employee engagement as people are where our core value lies. When Polymorph was founded approximately 12 years ago, the founders were located across the Western Cape. It was challenging to find an office space that was convenient for everyone and so the Polymorph skill set of working remotely was […]

Makerdays September 2016

A few weeks ago I joined my Polymorph colleagues for our regularly irregular, all-hands Makerdays — two days of fun, hacking, sharing, learning. It’s certainly irregular that I am able to attend: I am one of the more remote workers (though far from the most distant from the company’s Stellenbosch office) but it was travel […]

Building Soaring Coach: a Makerday project

Soaring Coach is a piece of software I’m developing during Makerdays (our quarterly innovation time) at Polymorph. It aims to help newer pilots develop the skill and confidence to go flying cross-country more often. What is Soaring? Soaring is the skill of staying aloft in an un-powered aircraft (often called a “glider”). Before you get […]

Scrum Gathering 2015

The Gautrain stopped at Rosebank station… We walked the last 100m to the Hyatt Regency Hotel where Scrum Gathering 2015 was hosted. Registration went seamlessly and the coffee and snacks awaited. The hospitality at the hotel was exceptional. The theme for the conference was “Unlikely Heroes”. We had it all planned out. Three agile managers […]

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