First time building an LMS: SCORM

In recent years, learning has taken a leap from traditional classrooms to virtual platforms, and the learning management system (LMS) is at the heart of this transformation. If you’re unfamiliar with what an LMS is or how it’s revolutionising the education and training industries, this article is for you. We’ll dive deep into the core […]

Processing data with AWS Step Functions and CDK

Introduction AWS Step Functions is a powerful service that allows you to build, run, and visualise workflows composed of AWS Lambda functions and other AWS services. One use case for Step Functions is to create a workflow for deleting a user in your application. This post will walk you through how to use AWS Cloud […]

Web E2E software development testing with Cypress & Cucumber

Background End-to-end (e2e) testing is a method of software development testing that validates user flows and behaviour. With this testing methodology, we can simulate and automate a suite of tests that perform actions as our users would. When dealing with large production systems, you will quickly see that exclusively performing manual exploratory testing results in […]

Software development best practice: Good requirements lead to great architecture

As an agile software development team, you may frequently find that your delivery dates are wrong. It seems that requirements have changed and therefore caused the delay, or there were hidden complexities in the feature. What if the reason isn’t that the requirements changed but instead there was a misalignment between what was understood to […]

Software development best practice: Writing clean code – Part 2

In the first part of this series I wrote code for a very simple use case that violates some of the best practices for writing clean code.  In this second part, I’m going to rewrite the code using the Factory Pattern and we are going to look at why this code is much better. Keep […]

How to choose the right database backend for your mobile app

A key question when you start mobile app development is the choice of database and backend. With over a decade of experience in mobile app development, we can say that every app is different and each requires a unique approach. Choosing the right database and backend is about understanding the data and what it will […]

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