Polymorph in the press: Richard Barry (CEO) shares insights on IOT of the future

Waste is one of the main contributors of annual manufacturer financial losses. The traditional reasons for this include among others, unintended downtime, material waste, overproduction, quality-control losses, and poor capacity planning. But there is a more subtle type of waste that leads to flawed insights and poor decision-making: inconsistent or inaccurate data. The evident answer […]

Talking VR at Cape Town International Animation Festival

Cape Town International Animation Festival (CTIAF) is the only festival dedicated to animation on the African continent. The conference hosts eight international speakers and forty eight local speakers over a period of three days. CTIAF’s Artist Alley exhibits work from around the world and is free, as well as the workshops held on stop motion […]

Makers Days

For the last four years, Polymorph has hosted Maker’s Days. Initially named Hack Days, it was a one day event that gathered all of us around developing our individual ideas. The day started with the idea owner pitching to their collagues and people joining teams to build. In 2017, we rebranded from Hack Days to […]

VR Cinema and VR Panel at Cape Town International Animation Festival

As an avid gamer, game designer and illustrator, The Cape Town International Animation Festival is one of the annual highlights in my conference calendar. Cape Town International Animation Festival is the only dedicated African Animation Festival on the continent, with a programme that has something for everyone. Delegates can enjoy films, workshops, dedicated networking sessions […]

The value of interns when involved in real product development

In December 2017 and January 2018, Polymorph was joined by new interns; Tatenda Muvhu and Mustafa Rashid. We met Tatenda and Mustafa while attending Break the Rules as part of the Alphawave group. As a product development company working in South Africa, we believe it is essential to create learning experiences for the future of […]

Creative roles within mobile app development

Within Polymorph, we focus on creating mobile app development teams that are diverse in skillset and in thinking. In this way, we bring a broad range of talent to each product as well as create teams that think critically about each component and step. Each voice carries equal weight to ensure that the mobile app […]

Presenting TTN Mapper at The Things Network Conference in Amsterdam

During the first three days of February The Things Network hosted the world’s first LoRa conference in Amsterdam. Divided into Practical Skills on the first day, Keynotes on the second and a Community Day on the third, discussions ranged from how to keep livestock safe and how to hinder drug smuggling in containers, to future […]

The Things Network Conference

The Things Network is a global community building an open Internet of Things infrastructure. It spans the globe with over 31 229 members and 16 322 applications deployed. Initiated by Wienke Giezeman in 2015, the network is built by its members. Together they create a secure and collaborative network by placing gateways or running network […]

The best product development process summarised in 5 steps

In the past year, I have written a great deal on app & product development, but it is a topic that people are always asking for more clarity on. App & product development is a space where a thousand things can and probably will go wrong so how to make sure that your app & […]

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