Unpacking the Significance of Company Culture in the Modern Workplace

Most CEOs know that a great company culture is the key to retaining top talent for any company. And for the past couple of years, company culture has become the new industry buzzword.  But is it just another fad, or is there perhaps more to it? Let’s unpack this some more. “Culture is how employees’ […]

Polymorph: A people-centric software development company in Stellenbosch

Most people think that developing software is all about code and algorithms. But, often, the biggest hurdle isn’t dealing with a stubborn compiler or a bit of tricky logic; it’s understanding the people who will use your software. Everything Polymorph does has people at the heart of it. We are a passionate team that loves […]

Taking new form: Polymorph’s Rebranding Story

Polymorph, as a company, is officially a teenager We celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2022, and after a decade of growth and change, our brand needed a makeover. It was time to dig deep, do some soul-searching, and rediscover who we are and how we, as a company, want to be seen in the world. […]

The Impact of Getting Things Done

At Polymorph, we often discuss the importance of valuing people. As a way to demonstrate this, I wanted to share a practical example of how we assist one another. When you start working at Polymorph (or maybe during the interview process already), you quickly discover that the standards are quite high and that our team […]

A Look at a Day in the Life of a Software Engineer at Polymorph

Software developers are a very unique breed of humans, and the Polymorph devs are no exception. They have caffeine running through their veins, and debugging is a daily workout. We celebrate them this way, and we love to give them the space and freedom to live out their passion for solving problems and discovering and […]

What differentiates a senior software engineer from a junior developer?

Have you ever wondered how the modern internet and its myriad of applications can seamlessly connect people across the globe? We have moved from raw manufacturing industries to online platforms that continue to grow and develop. Who are the innovators, the supporters and the drivers of the digital age? Let me introduce you to software […]

Polymorph attends DevConf 2022: A State of The Developer Nation Address

Polymorph Software Developer, Jaco du Plooy, attended the sixth annual DevConf in Johannesburg on 7 April 2022 and connected with many brilliant local developers. The conference brought the South African developer community together and boasted more than 30 talented speakers and over 450 attendees. This one-day conference created a community-driven, professional software developer-focused space for […]

Polymorph Red bus team day

We started the year off strong by celebrating our team and recognising the value of their hard work at our first Team Day on Friday, 28 January. After almost two years of social distancing and lockdown, we made sure that it was extra fun! We also made sure to take time during the day to […]

Custom software and app development growth landscape in the Western Cape in the year 2022

Digital technology – and with it, custom software and app development – is the defining megatrend of the modern era. For most companies, software and/or mobile apps are inextricably linked to their business operations and are also embedded in modern appliances and machines found across most industries. Software apps are also pervasive in our current […]

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