A software development company that truly values its employees

Polymorph places a high premium on employee engagement as people are where our core value lies. When Polymorph was founded approximately 12 years ago, the founders were located across the Western Cape. It was challenging to find an office space that was convenient for everyone and so the Polymorph skill set of working remotely was […]

Join Polymorph at the IoT World Virtual Conference and Expo 2020

About IoT World 2020 What to expect at IoT World Virtual Visit Polymorph’s virtual booth The need to connect, inform, and innovate is stronger than ever. In response, the 4-day IoT World 2020 event connects over 12 500 leaders and innovators from the global IoT community to transform business in the new digital world. Leveraging […]

Polymorph in the press: Richard Barry (CEO) shares insights on IOT of the future

Waste is one of the main contributors of annual manufacturer financial losses. The traditional reasons for this include among others, unintended downtime, material waste, overproduction, quality-control losses, and poor capacity planning. But there is a more subtle type of waste that leads to flawed insights and poor decision-making: inconsistent or inaccurate data. The evident answer […]

Talking VR at Cape Town International Animation Festival

Cape Town International Animation Festival (CTIAF) is the only festival dedicated to animation on the African continent. The conference hosts eight international speakers and forty eight local speakers over a period of three days. CTIAF’s Artist Alley exhibits work from around the world and is free, as well as the workshops held on stop motion […]

The value of interns when involved in real product development

In December 2017 and January 2018, Polymorph was joined by new interns; Tatenda Muvhu and Mustafa Rashid. We met Tatenda and Mustafa while attending Break the Rules as part of the Alphawave group. As a product development company working in South Africa, we believe it is essential to create learning experiences for the future of […]

Creative roles within mobile app development

Within Polymorph, we focus on creating mobile app development teams that are diverse in skillset and in thinking. In this way, we bring a broad range of talent to each product as well as create teams that think critically about each component and step. Each voice carries equal weight to ensure that the mobile app […]

Looking forward to the VR Days conference in Amsterdam next week

My whirlwind trip through the conferences and summits of October and November starts with WorldSummitAI this week and then moves onto VRDays on 25 – 27 October. In-between is the amazing Dutch Design Week to help out Anke Kuipers at Bendit Shoes. Anke and I worked together on the first #cocreate2Accelerate 2016 as Anke was […]

Makerdays September 2016

A few weeks ago I joined my Polymorph colleagues for our regularly irregular, all-hands Makerdays — two days of fun, hacking, sharing, learning. It’s certainly irregular that I am able to attend: I am one of the more remote workers (though far from the most distant from the company’s Stellenbosch office) but it was travel […]

Building Soaring Coach: a Makerday project

Soaring Coach is a piece of software I’m developing during Makerdays (our quarterly innovation time) at Polymorph. It aims to help newer pilots develop the skill and confidence to go flying cross-country more often. What is Soaring? Soaring is the skill of staying aloft in an un-powered aircraft (often called a “glider”). Before you get […]

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