My first few weeks at Polymorph – The benefits of remote-first

Sitting in an office from 9 to 5 is an antiquated practice that stifles creativity and productivity. The obvious obstacle is overcoming the ingrained belief that office equals work and productivity. Polymorph recognised this limitation right from the start and has successfully implemented a remote-first approach, proving that productivity is not confined to office walls. […]

Clarifying Software Development Skills at Polymorph

Recently, we discovered and started experimenting with a framework called SFIA: the Skills Framework for the Information Age. In this article, we look into: The SFIA framework and how it works Where it fits in at Polymorph What problems it can and cannot solve What is the SFIA framework, and why does it matter in […]

When UX Designers and Developers Collaborate They Can Build Something Special

“The most dysfunctional relationship between designers and developers happens when there is a distinct division of labour.” You’ve probably caught wind of all the collaboration hype these days. At Polymorph, it is a way of life. We breathe collaboration, and it’s what makes our product teams stand out from the crowd. It is also one […]

Unpacking the Significance of Company Culture in the Modern Workplace

Most CEOs know that a great company culture is the key to retaining top talent for any company. And for the past couple of years, company culture has become the new industry buzzword.  But is it just another fad, or is there perhaps more to it? Let’s unpack this some more. “Culture is how employees’ […]

Taking new form: Polymorph’s Rebranding Story

Polymorph, as a company, is officially a teenager We celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2022, and after a decade of growth and change, our brand needed a makeover. It was time to dig deep, do some soul-searching, and rediscover who we are and how we, as a company, want to be seen in the world. […]

The Impact of Getting Things Done

At Polymorph, we often discuss the importance of valuing people. As a way to demonstrate this, I wanted to share a practical example of how we assist one another. When you start working at Polymorph (or maybe during the interview process already), you quickly discover that the standards are quite high and that our team […]

A Look at a Day in the Life of a Software Engineer at Polymorph

Software developers are a very unique breed of humans, and the Polymorph devs are no exception. They have caffeine running through their veins, and debugging is a daily workout. We celebrate them this way, and we love to give them the space and freedom to live out their passion for solving problems and discovering and […]

What differentiates a senior software engineer from a junior developer?

Have you ever wondered how the modern internet and its myriad of applications can seamlessly connect people across the globe? We have moved from raw manufacturing industries to online platforms that continue to grow and develop. Who are the innovators, the supporters and the drivers of the digital age? Let me introduce you to software […]

A day in the life of working for Polymorph as a senior product manager while based in Kenya

We recently interviewed Margaret Wanjiru who shared her experience working as a senior product manager at Polymorph while living in Kenya. Here is a view of her day-to-day routine at Polymorph including some thoughts on the company’s culture, inclusivity, digital communications and remote work. For anyone working remotely or managing remote teams, this article should […]

Remote Teams: A view from inside Polymorph

In December 2019, reports of a new virus in China made headlines. Not long thereafter lockdown became a very familiar term globally.   Initially, we thought that the virus would never come to South Africa, but oh boy were we wrong. Early in February 2020, we heard of the first few local cases which led to […]

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