From fields to futures: Great UX makes a great difference for Bester’s farmers

Mobile app development, UX design, Concept design, UX Research

Being part of something that positively impacts the farming community is always great. We collaborated with Octoco, Voyanti, and Bex Group (the holding company for Bester Feed and Grain) to create a mobile app that will make a positive difference in the lives of South African grain farmers. This app is designed to provide an easy and convenient way for farmers to access trading and contract information in one place.

A Data-Driven Sales Machine For Sustainable Growth

Predictable Sale Pipeline, Sales Development, SDR Training

Alphawave, a tech investment group, wanted to help the founders of its companies to focus on closing sales, instead of leading outbound sales. They decided to create a team to find good sales opportunities. We collaborated with Alphawave and Delta-v to develop a sales playbook and set up a team of Sales development representatives (SDR)s. This helped to create a predictable sales pipeline for Predictive Insights, an AI-powered demand forecasting company.

Free access to property transactions for home-owners and agents

Backend, Mobile apps, UX

STBB wanted to offer their clients, property owners and real estate practitioners a streamlined, online platform for property transactions as well as a secure repository for storage and use of legal and compliance documentation. We collaborated with them to develop a mobile app that modernises the entire process with workflow visibility while creating a great customer experience.

Polymorph partners with WISE Employment to deliver a front-end mobile interface for disability employment services

Backend, Front end

WISE Employment offers free government-funded services to empower jobseekers living with disability. WISE approached us to help them build a browser-based app that can help blue-collar employees living with disabilities to secure gainful employment and avoid being exploited. We had as our objectives helping WISE complete the development of the app, build a front-end mobile interface for their DES portal, and supply architectural and development services directed by one product manager.

Paperless bridging finance application

Integration, Backend, Front end, UX design

Partnership Acceptances collaborated with us to develop a cutting-edge bridging finance and banking administration app. We compiled a comprehensive concept design report that included a complete product charter, roadmap, budget estimate, and timelines. Development began in January 2022, and the final product was delivered four and a half months later.

Monitoring industrial and commercial energy savings

UX design, Data pipeline, Web app, Backend, Front end

Energy Partners builds and operates core energy utilities such as solar, refrigeration and steam that cater for commercial and industrial markets. Their aim is to ensure a future where energy becomes a right, not a cost. We were onboarded to create a reliable data management platform that collects and manages data from IOT devices across the Energy Partners network.

Mobile sales channel to boost Black Friday sales

Mobile, Front end

OneDayOnly, founded in 2009, saw an opportunity in the South African market to offer goods for sale via an online platform at huge discounted prices for a limited period of 24 hours – for “one day only”. In 2020, we were briefed to build OneDayOnly’s mobile app in close cooperation with the company’s own team of backend developers using the existing backend Application Programming Interface (API).

A student information system that improves compliance admin

UX, Product management, Front end, Web app

We produced a concept design for education technology company OLTech to help them reimagine their student information system (SIS). The goal was to help them realign it with the needs of their niche target market of smaller educational institutions. Our final solution strategy demonstrated the viability of the end product by taking into account customer needs, required UX, technical feasibility, and costs.

Workforce management through real time location tracking

Mobile App, Business Process Automation, UX/UI Design, IoT Systems Integration

Bloodhound is an expert provider of real-time personnel and productivity management technology. Their products utilise a variety of IoT hardware to provide live tracking of personnel while simultaneously providing information and tools to staff.

Peace of mind for parents with IoT baby monitors

Data visualisation, Mobile App, UX/UI Design

Snuza specialises in the development and manufacture of bio-sensory electronic devices that enable today’s parents to care for their children more effectively.

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